KS Update 3

New stretch goal

June 19 2014

Hello everyone,

As promised we are releasing a new colorway when we hit our next milestone of$100,000. In order to get there we need your help to share THE NINJA project onfacebooktwitter, and tumblr

We're excited to be releasing a brand new colorway that came at the request of private messages from many backers. A majority of people were asking for the Navy Blue with brown that they had seen in some prototypes...so we mocked it up, and it will be released when we hit $100,000 in backing. 

Check out this video to learn the details, and check out the shoe below.


Keep in mind the sooner we hit this $100k Milestone, the quicker we can release ournext stretch goal. We have two in mind...maybe more colorways.


Shaun, Joe, Token, and THE UT.LAB team

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