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Tyvek Shoes?

January 09 2014

Light Wing Trainers


tyvek shoes


This could be one of the weirdest things featured on Tool News Nirvana so far, but who’s keeping track anyways? Light Wing trainers are shoes made from that wonderful wall covering we love so much: Tyvek. Yes DuPont’s mystery paper found a new use—as super lightweight shoes.

How light? At just 150 grams for the pair, that’s the equivalent weight of two cups of microwaved popcorn. Or 155 oyster crackers. Or just 2/3 of a cup of applesauce. No matter what weight descriptor you use, these shoes are super-light. Why are they on HomeFixated? Because they’re made of Tyvek. If a shoe company starts making shoes out of 2×4′s, we’d probably write about that too. Want a pair of your own? Not just yet as the company still needs some more capital to get things up to production speed. Help them get things up and running with a donation of $11 or more on kickstarter.com and get a free Tyvek wallet!X