wasabi mountain

light weight tyvek shoes

January 09 2014

Earning their name from the weight savings as a result of the Tyvek material used in their construction, the Light Wing shoes weigh in at an incredible 150 grams. Over 15 months and 500 prototypes went into the design process, the result is a perfect balance of casual design, eco friendly materials, breath ability, water resistance, all in an impossibly light weight package. Creator Token Hu realized the amazing benefit of Tyvek paper when he started experimenting with material 2 years ago. Tyvek looks and feels like paper, but is actually a brand of flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers created by DUPONT in the 1950's. Tyvek is most commonly used in the construction of homes as an insulation material, but if Token has his way it will be on everyone's feet in the years to come. 

Each Shoe is stamped with a limited run Kickstarter serial number. The first 110 Backers will get their shoes in order of purchase, the remaining numbers will be selected at random. If you are quick you can still get in on the first 110 for $50, after that the shoes will go for $65. Once funding is complete the retail value of the shoes will be $68. All Backing Levels receive a Tyvek Wallet as well.