Quickest KS Turnaround

January 09 2014

In what ended up being one of the quickest turnaround times for a Kickstarter I’ve funded, I received myUnbelievable Testing Laboratory Light Wing Trainers. Made from the incredible material, Tyvek, the shoes are lightweight and essentially everything-proof.

As part of their campaign, I also received two Tyvek wallets, which are pictured above, too.

Upon my first hands-on with the shoes, they’re much more stiff and rigid than I had imagined. Of course, as time goes on and I wear them in, they’ll become more comfortable, but other than that, they live up to what I had imagined. Lightweight is an understatement and even as time goes on, it’s obvious these shoes will be able to take the aging process with grace. Granted I may be waiting until after the Midwest winter to properly give them the attention needed, I’ll be sure to keep you updated on how they’re holding up.