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The Light Wing, Pretty Airy

January 09 2014

The Light Wing, Pretty Airy

As someone who has made fun of TOMS shoes for some stupid reason and who now owns a pair and will own a few more pairs, I have to say I’ve gone to the dark side. I like hipsters and the stuff they wear. Sorry but I do.

Token Hu

So when I heard about Unbelievable Testing Laboratory’s Kickstarter campaign to get their Light Wing paper shoes out to the public, I put on my pink skinny chins and nodded my head in approval. It’s not a really awesome sight considering I’m not skinny but, whatever, I do what I want in this life.

The Light Wing sure is appealing: Light (150 GRAMS), waterproof and cool as it gets. They’re made of PAPER, dude. Tyvek paper which is made by DUPONT. Tyvek is flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers.

The campaign has flown past it’s asking goal of $15,000 and nearly hit the $100,000 mark with 32 more days to go. So somebody out there thinks this is a terrific design and a great idea.

There’s some pretty awesome designs that Token Hu and his team have dreamed up. Their maiden shoe is The Pencil. A super slick, low rise laced sneaker/slipper in a natty yellow with a blue and gray toe.

Their mindset seems to be: Wrap your foot in some stylish paper and you’ll never look at housing insulation the same way again. Of course, those of us with sweaty feet (sorry for the image) may not be great candidates for Light Wing but this is going to be big summer fashion news for dudes and chicks who like the latest in footwear and super light shoes you can fold up and stick in your pocket.

The average cost of a Light Wing will be around $70. That’s a lot of dough without donating some shoes to a kid in need. That’s why the TOMS model works for me. Look, I’m not Erin Brockavich of the Birkenstocks and Light Wing is not trying to compete with TOMS but it does bring that company to mind. So while you’re on the way to being the next big thing, why not kick out some greenbacks or services for the underserved?

They do have a kind of “hey, science is cool, kids” thing as part of their company and that’s nice. Science is cool. Again, enterprise doesn’t have to do jack for society. These guys can just make awesome shoes that I may or may not buy and leave the charity to others. It’s all good.

If Light Wing has a huge charity piece to its company then I apologize. If they have a suggestion box, I’d like to stuff it…with this. How about for every pair you buy, they donate half toward a homebuilding project for someone in need of a roof over their head. They’ve got the Tyvek already…

Or they could just make some bomb diggity shoes out of paper that people will like and collect. And…I could just stuff it, huh. With Tyvek.