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February 07 2014

Light Wing Trainer Tyvek Shoes

Consider the weight of those pricy sneakers strapped to your feet. Now consider the fact that UTL’s Light Wing Trainers are undoubtedly lighter. At less than 150 grams (5.3 ounces) per shoe, these sneaks weigh half as much as a pair of Chuck Taylor’s thanks to a featherlight Tyvek upper (yes, Dupont’s rugged, breathable material that’s used for housing insulation and more recently extremely paper-thin wallets) and a weight saving design. They also boast durable URT foam rubber soles, removable moisture absorbent and breezy Poliyou insoles, and a geometric design in three colors – black, yellow, and blue – though only two will make it through the retail roulette process, so hit up their site and vote.

Find it at Unbelievable Testing Laboratory – $68