Meet the UT.LAB

June 09 2014

This Las Vegas technology driven footwear company is releasing their newest creation, THE NINJA slip-on.

The team reached their [Kickstarter] baseline goal of $15,000 in just over 8 hours, becoming the fastest funded shoe in Kickstarter history. After one day on the site, they had reached over 170% of their starting goal. Aiming to change the way shoes are brought to market, THE UT.LAB has effectively re-imagined their original footwear design and manufacturing process with this latest product. Early backers were able to secure a pair for only $38. Limited pairs of THE NINJA will continue to be sold at a discounted price and can be purchased through Kickstarter over the next 29 days.

“We create footwear that is impossibly light,” said Joseph Constanty, co-founder of Unbelievable Testing Laboratory. “We advance science through every aspect of our design, material choice, and business model. But most importantly we are all about empowering tomorrow’s leaders by cooperating with leading education organizations to get kids access to to awesome educators. In the US we have partnered with Teach for America Las Vegas.”


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