October 07 2015

Classic desert boots get a new look and feel through technology inspired footwear company


July 13, 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada ---Innovation-driven footwear company THE UT.LAB, has recently launched their new line called EVOLUTION. With cutting edge materials and advanced design processes, THE UT.LAB puts a new technical twist on an old school design, just in time to give its supporters an edgier look for the summer. 

THE NINJA CHUKKAS: Classic Desert Boot Gets a Revamp 


The Chukka has been the go-to shoe for all season wear for decades. Now the desert boot gets a makeover through THE UT.LAB, using the classic design silhouette and upgrading it to a tech-inspired footwear.


Weighing in at 140 grams per shoe, The NINJA CHUKKAS uses Microfiber Terylene that is  flash spun into a breathable, water resistant material which is incredibly strong and soft to the touch. Microfiber also forms of the feet’s curves, resulting in a unique, personalized silhouette that gives character to each pair. 


Inside the shoes are Poliyou insoles that helps keep your feet fresh all day with its anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties. Like all of THE UT.LAB shoes, these have  EVA outsoles similar to athletic shoes that are durable and flexible, making it the most comfortable shoes to wear in the summer.  




THE UT.LAB is a tech-driven footwear company that uses cutting edge materials and advanced design processes to make great shoes. Part scientist, part rebel, THE UT.LAB team has been using unconventional materials like TYVEK®, Microfiber®, and Kevlar® to create footwear that is as lightweight as it is durable.


Using crowdfunding to gauge demand and build buzz, THE UT.LAB’ out-of-the-box thinking extends beyond its design and reaches into its business model. In two years, they now have three massively successful campaigns on Kickstarter. First, THE LIGHTWING PENCIL which launched on June 2013 raised 947% of its original goal. Second, THE NINJA project, which set Kickstarter shoe sales record by becoming the fastest funded only 8 hours after its launch. This was broken later on by THE ARGONAUT, which was completely funded 3 hours after launch last October 2014.


The company has continued to innovate their design process through collaboration strategy, including the first ever student shoe design contest that cooperated with the Indiegogo platform in December 2014. With their advocacy of improving the S.T.E.M. Curriculum, THE UT.LAB brings their mantra of “Science is cool” into the classroom through live webinars with technology professionals and holding student design contests to help get the youth excited for possibilities and opportunities in the S.T.E.M fields. 


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