November 04 2015

Footwear company targets the creative class with impossibly light, fashion forward shoes for streetwear

Las Vegas, Nevada, August 21, 2015 ----Innovation-led footwear company, THE UT.LAB will be adding limited edition colors to its 33-style collection, EVOLUTION, in preparation for the upcoming holidays. Using the highest grade materials and classic silhouettes to ensure comfort and durability, THE UT.LAB is one brand to watch out for when it comes to casual shoes for men and women.  

Footwear for the Creative Class 

For years, streetwear fashion was dominated by athletic-themed footwear, mostly catering to sports enthusiasts and represented by professional athletes. Enter THE UT.LAB with a fresh take on footwear, with its innovative, unconventional materials, creating a brand that aims to represent the creative class of artists, technologists, engineers and those involved in the S.T.E.M. fields. Through years of research and design, THE UT.LAB  has developed three series using such as Dupont Tyvek for The LIGHT WING Soft Touch Microfiber for The NINJA, and Kevlar for The ARGONAUT, making shoes that are comfortable, fashion forward and impossibly light.

Two years since the record breaking launch of the LIGHTWING PENCIL in June 2013, THE UT.LAB has launched two massively successful Kickstarter projects; first THE NINJA project that was fully funded in eight hours, and secondly THE ARGONAUT project which reached its goal in just three hours. Since then, the company has continued to innovate both on its design process and go-to-market and collaboration strategy, including the first ever student shoe design contest that cooperated with the Indiegogo platform in December 2014.

THE UT.LAB has gained quite a following all over the globe, from backpacking travellers to urban explorers. With 33 styles and colors to choose from, THE UT.LAB offers something for everyone; from the minimalist NINJA series, the edgy colors of The LIGHT WING collection, to the all-season casual boot The ARGONAUT. In addition to these current color choices, THE UT.LAB will be launching an Autumn-inspired collection for the holidays with traditional colors maroon, grey and black. 


THE UT.LAB is a tech-driven footwear company that uses cutting edge materials and advanced design processes to make great shoes. Part scientist, part rebel, THE UT.LAB team has been using unconventional materials like TYVEK®, Microfiber®, and Kevlar® to create footwear that is as lightweight as it is durable. 

Using crowdfunding to gauge demand and build buzz, THE UT.LAB’ out-of-the-box thinking extends beyond its design and reaches into its business model. The company has continued to innovate their design process through collaboration strategy. With their advocacy of improving the S.T.E.M. Curriculum, THE UT.LAB brings their mantra of “Science is cool” into the classroom with its partnership with Teach for America, and inspiring entrepreneurs and start-up companies to innovate and collaborate.

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