Tools of the trade

Aman Advani

August 10 2014

Tools of the Trade is UT.LAB's way of showcasing people we respect and love by finding out a bit more about their everyday work.

Our second installment highlights Aman Advani of Ministry of Supply. We here at the lab are big fans of their line of menswear, and find ourselves of similar mindsets when it comes to pushing the boundaries of fashion with innovation. We invite you to look into what makes their pieces both amazingly stylish, and amazingly comfortable, starting with a look into the day-to-day of Aman.

Who Are You?
My name is Aman Advani, and I'm the President and Co-Founder of Ministry of Supply.

Tell Us About Your Company.
Born out of MIT in 2011, we're on a mission to create a new category of clothing that we call "Performance Professional." We're looking to integrate our engineering background into menswear by artfully combining technology and fashion. Starting with a fundamental understanding of the body, we use advanced materials and technical manufacturing to create a wardrobe that leaves our customers ready for anything.

What's Your Day to Day Like?
Organized chaos. I start off with an email clear before anything comes next - usually attempting to hold off on any meetings till after 9 AM. Then, the whirlwind begins... meetings and emails for sure, but usually a half dozen engaging conversations, brainstorms, or activities every day. Throw in a couple of tea breaks and an occasional trip to the gym, and we wrap around 7 or 8. Then I head home for dinner, a junky sit-com or two, then ​crank out some focused work right before bed.

What's on Your Desk? The reality is, I always know the answer to this question. I'm militant about a tidy desk, clean home clear mind. Starting with the knives (nothing fancy, we get a lot of packages .... pretty hard core), iphone charger, and a lighter for my candle, I keep all of the small stuff on the right. For the left, its the consumables - my water cup, tea making supplies, and a candle - in order from most used, to least. Behind the scenes, a set of mesh metal drawers and a disposable trash can keep things even tidier.

Out of all these what can't you live without?
If there's one thing I couldn't live without, I'd say its a few select pens that I look forward to using whenever I can - notes to myself, thank you cards for customers, or just some light doodling.

Anything Else You'd Like to Share?
My latest and greatest discover is Boomerang for Gmail. Takes the stress off of following up on emails - give it a look!


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