Tools of the trade

Patrick Weiss

August 24 2014

This week, we are proud to highlight Patrick Weiss of frog design. We here at THE.UTLAB are big fans of frog design, which is the very firm our Co-Founder Token Hu was first exposed to TYVEK. We hope you enjoy reading a little bit more about Patrick, who works in Interaction Design.

Who Are You?
Patrick Weiss, Associate Creative Director / Interaction Designer at frog design Technology nerd, backyard philosopher, outdoor enthusiast

Tell Us About Your Company.
frog design is a global innovation and design consultancy that works with companies ranging from large, fortune 50 companies to small startups. We're makers, problem solvers and product, service and experience designers. In short, we just like to make awesome stuff that improves peoples' lives.

What's Your Day to Day Like?
Every day is different, which is awesome. Some days I’m in my project “war room” brainstorming and working with the team. Some days I’m out in the field doing user research. And sometimes I’m bouncing between war rooms, meetings, my desk, and (hopefully) a little outdoor time. I use my desk as my place to get away from distraction, where I can throw on my sound canceling headphones and focus on designing stuff (whether it’s a UI, storyboard, presentation, or emails).

What's on Your Desk?
I try to keep my desk as clean and clutter-free as possible so I don’t get distracted by the mess. That usually boils down to my MacBook, Retina monitor, (keyboard and mouse), notebook, pens, water bottle, 2 bottles (for late-night problem solving), and a framed picture of Andy Sandberg high fiving a bobcat (to remind myself to keep it random, fun, and filled with bobcat high fives).

Out of all these what can't you live without?
My Moleskin notebook. It’s the best way to make sure that all my ideas, sketches and notes live in one, discreet place.

Anything Else You'd Like to Share?
This questions is paralyzingly open ended.


Learn more about Patrick here: