Tools of the trade

Keith "Virrgo" Goken

September 09 2014

Welcome to this week's edition of Tools of the Trade. This week, we're proud to highlight Keith "Virggo" Goken. Keith has been a fan of THE UT.LAB since its inception, and will actually be getting the very first numbered pair of our upcoming Microfiber NINJA release. Part gamer, part chef, Keith is an all around great guy. Read on to learn more about Keith.

Who Are You?
Keith "Virrgo" Goken

What Do You Do?
Personal Chef

What's Your Day to Day Like?
As a personal chef, I cook for parties or for a family. But I also play EvE Online and many other games. Cooking gives me more control of my gaming time.

What's on Your Desk?
All my little knick knacks, many EvE goodies, headphones/speakers, router, modem, THE UT.LAB shoes that I Kickstarted, plus all the other little things you need.

Out of all these what can't you live without?
Headphones and speakers. I must have my music and play it loud.

Anything Else You'd Like to Share?
I love Kickstarter: it gives the everyday person a chance to back companies that are starting up and help people reach their dreams. We also get to meet great people like you guys [at THE UT.LAB -- Thanks Keith!)! I also like being able to help local companies and the small companies that need our help and love.

Now just waiting for my #0001 microfiber shoes, my Betabrand x THE UT. LAB high tops and whatever comes next.


Thank you Keith for your support. We promise to make more tech-driven and innovative shoes for you back.

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