We think science is cool, and it is the thread that ties every element of our company, our culture, and our brand together. We create awesome shoes so we can change the world. Changing the world starts with empowering today’s children, tomorrow’s leaders, by giving them access to rock star educators. Find out how we do it by clicking here.



Science is our passion, and it is the fundamental element that drives the hundreds and even thousands of laboratory experiments that take place on every footwear design we produce before it hits the market. We push the boundaries of style and function by bringing together seemingly unrelated combinations of technology, innovation and ingenuity. We create awesome shoes out of cutting edge materials, using advanced design processes and ultra lean production methods.

the ut.lab


Our Light Wing started as a simple idea in 2011 when our founder, Token Hu, started experimenting with TYVEK® by DUPONT™ when he was working at frog design. As an industrial designer, Token naturally recognized all the possibilities of the material and it’s use in footwear.



The Unbelievable Testing Laboratory team has since spent countless hours designing shoes from materials never thought possible. The Light Wing started as a sketch in a notebook and quickly became a hand molded Tyvek shoe, and within weeks a rough factory prototype. Two years, and hundreds of prototypes later the #impossiblylight Light Wing series was validated by our successful launch.



Every country that we enter we will work with local education organizations to get the most qualified science educators into the schools that need them most. We do this by taking a portion of profits from every pair of shoes we sell to ensure that local schools have the best science educators in the classroom inspiring tomorrow’s leaders.

the ut.lab


We create footwear that is impossibly light. We advance science through every aspect of our design, material choice, and business model. And we are empowering tomorrow's leaders by making science cool again, and cooperating with leading education organizations.

the ut.lab

the beginning

It was in the Autumn of 2012 that the idea of Unbelievable Testing Laboratory International was hatched. With an introduction by a mutual friend and former manager of Token Hu at Frog Design, Token sat down with Joe Constanty and Shaun Nath to discuss the opportunity to build the company beyond the shores of China. What was supposed to be a quick cup of coffee, turned into hours of brainstorming and strategy creation, followed by a shake of a hand to together build UT.LAB globally.