Holiday Interactions | Duo

In a world of mass email and rolling friend lists, it becomes easy to lose track of those interpersonal, one-on-one relationships. Sitting down for a cup of coffee with someone has been replaced by a group chat that doesn’t stay quiet for more than a few hours every day. We’re always connected - always within reach - but only ephemerally so. In this week’s edition of Holiday Interactions, we look at how our brand director spends quality time with his brother over the holidays in their hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. In the process, we showcased the black Franklin LT from the Holiday 2015 Collection.



Their favorite haunt is a small stretch of Central Avenue, an area of town long known for its eclectic dining and old neighborhood feel. It carries a vibe similar to The Mission in San Francisco or Hyde Park in Chicago.

But different. 

It is seemingly more intimate and infused with an unmistakably southern feel. There is a restaurant with sweet tea and fried pickles on the menu. A telephone pole is adorned with an old country concert flyer. 



The duo spends the day walking through the streets and popping into different stores - a streetwear boutique, a pizzeria, the neighborhood corner market, a record shop. The day has no real objective other than the time spent together. In revisiting their old neighborhood the two are able to create an entirely new experience. This concept of innovation through rediscovery and partnership lies at the core of our brand.



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