our home

You know it for the glitz and glam of “The Strip”, but we have been drawn to the desert not for the bright lights, but what is going on two miles down the road in the original Downtown. For years this section of town was a backwater neighborhood, but with the backing of Tony Hsieh, CEO of, and several other investors, the downtown will soon be a new mecca for tech and an urban home to geeks and techies alike.

THE ut.lab


Vegas will be home to our sales and marketing office, with rotations of our design and development team from Shanghai changing every three months. Taking that one step further we will be launching an e-popup concept in Q4 2013 in Downtown to introduce our concept of how an offline experience will take the best of online shopping.



With $350 million in funding, Tony Hsieh and the Downtown Project and the Vegas Tech Fund are funding start-ups of all shapes and sizes. Have a look at the Downtown Project site to learn more, or if you are looking to get funded, have a look at the Vegas Tech Fund.