There are many materials, inks and design elements that go into our shoes, but let's focus on three: Tyvek®,EVA Foam Rubber Outsole, and Poliyou Insole. It has been the relentless testing and prototyping with all of these materials that has allowed us perfect our weight to strength ratio. The shoes are impossibly light, weighing in at less than 150g per shoe (US-M 11).



TYVEK® is a synthetic material that was "discovered" by DUPONT™ in the 1950's and commercialized in the 60's. It looks and feels like paper, but is actually a brand of flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers. Take a look at most of American homes today, and you will notice that they use Tyvek® as an insulation material. It's an awesome ultra light-weight material that is water-resistant, but highly breathable.



TYVEK® 1082D is the highest grade of Tyvek on the market, and what we use on all of our Light Wing shoes. Imagine it as hair-like strands (0.5–10 µm) that have been spun together and then heated at extreme temperatures that proves to be an awesome barrier to liquids, while simultaneously being highly breathable.



Although TYVEK® looks and feels like paper, it has an amazing strength tolerance that prevents tearing and ripping and even day to day abrasion. It’s strength to weight ratio is incredible which allows us to produce highly durable shoes that are #impossiblylight.



A top priority of our team has been developing the inks and coatings we use to preserve the color when printed onto Tyvek®. We have designed a printing application that allows us to preserve the color integrity of our shoes after real world wear and tear of sun, rain, and the tumbling of your washer and dryer.

EVA Foam Rubber


The Kickstarter Limited Edition Trainer was the first time we produced shoes with our newly tested and perfected EVA foam rubber sole. Using a brand new mold design and manufacturing methods, we have been able to make our outsoles even more light weight than all previous trainer designs, while at the same time increasing durability by a factor of two.



The LIGHT WING Trainer and Franklin series have both been fitted with our POLIYOU foam rubber insole. In order to support our low profile designs, the POLIYOU insole provides ample support and cushion. Not only does our POLIYOU insole provide a comfort factor similar to your favorite cross-trainers, but it also helps prevent foot odor with it's bacteria fighting properties.