As many of you know we set out on this project with a short window to get from Kickstarter to delivery. That started with a shorter than normal Kickstarter project timeline, just 21 days from start to finish.

Fourteen of the twenty-one days are behind us on Kickstarter.

With one week remaining, we are announcing our first stretch goal. Currently we are only releasing two colorways of THE ARGONAUT, black-on-black, and brown-on-brown.

So for this stretch goal we want give you more color choice with our black silhouette. Four more color choices to be exact.

Building upon our geometric overlay patterns we have created two biome inspired patterns after our hikes in the Valley of Fire around Las Vegas; "Xeric Shrubland" and "Desert". The third design came at the request of different backers asking for specific colorways and others asking for Nebula/Cosmic colorways, so we came up with the "Horsehead Nebula". The fourth and final color is a basic geometric pattern that we call the "Violet Kaleidoscope". 

All four of these new colorways will be made available when we reach $150,000 in backing. It may seem like a long way to get there, but with some help and some social sharing you can help us make this happen.

So how can you help? Very simple:

1. Share this Update with your friends by forwarding this page to your friends and colleagues. 

2. Share our campaign on your Facebook and Instagram.

3. Introduce a friend or family member to Kickstarter, and this awesome community of makers and backers.


Joe, Shaun, Token, and the entire team at THE UT.LAB