TYVEK® Tote Bag Design Submission Page

This is your chance to become a designer for The Unbelievable Testing Laboratory™.

For the next five days, until June 15, 2014 we will be accepting submissions for the TYVEK® Tote Bag for THE NINJA, now on Kickstarter. (scroll to bottom to upload submissions)

We are a technology driven design company, and we are looking for design submissions that reflect our passions and motivations. So we ask that all designs maintain a science and technology theme. 

Beyond the design theme, please also remember that your design and pattern will be printed onto large sheets of TYVEK®, then cut and sewed into a tote bag. That being said, it is incredibly difficult to print, cut, and then sew a specific image so that it falls perfectly into the bag dimensions.

This is why we STRONGLY suggest designing a pattern or design that will be randomly cut and made into a bag, and still be able to maintain the integrity and meaning behind the design (i.e. a fractal or fibonacci sequence).

Keep in mind that all designs must be your original artwork. Please do not submit the work of another designer.

The bag dimensions are as follows: 160mm WIDE x 400mm HIGH


All submissions made before June 15, 23:59 (PST) will be reviewed by our design team. A short-list of finalists will be announced, and voting will then be opened to the public for five days starting June 16, 2014.

The design receiving the most votes will become THE NINJA TYVEK® Tote Bag.


You can submit your Name, Email, Design Inspiration, and Design File below.


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